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Twisted RTT Round Up

The Event

Last weekend was our very own Twisted RTT, and a first event on home turf for us this year. As you're all no doubt aware, I have been running my Astra Militarum almost exclusively since Twisted Warp in January and it has been a great time so far. With plenty of practice I felt that I had a good shot of doing very well, and maybe even making a stab at going undefeated with a bit of luck. Knowing that the terrain would include a mix of different styles, and plenty of people saying they were running the brand new World Eaters book it lead to a fantastic range of armies from the coming up 30 players at our event!

The Army

It has been a slow month or two of hobbying for me, so I am behind on the units that I want to include in my Guard list, with the most notable of these being a second Kasrkin unit, and Lord Solar Leontus himself. But despite that, I feel that I have got to a list that will keep me in most games and situations that I find myself in, with some tech included for the higher amount of reserves being used in the game currently in the form of running my commissar. I have also been looking very hard at the behind enemy lines secondary, both at how to stop it, and how I might try to score it if boots on the ground becomes a struggle for me. To help with this, as well as give me some kind of melee threat, I have added an eversor assassin whose small footprint and lack of platoon keyword allows him to wander off on his own and get choppy with something smaller than him.

Arks of Omen Detachment

Eversor Assassin

Cadian Castellan: Warlord, Grand Strategist

Cadian Command Squad: Vox, Medic, Regimental Standard, Finial of Nemrodesh 1st, Master Tactician

Tank Commander: Lascannon, 2 Heavy Bolters, Battle Cannon, Gatekeeper, Tracks


Kasrkin: 2 Plasma Guns, 2 Volley Guns, Vox, Barbicant's Key

Scions: Plasma Gun, Volley Gun, Vox 5 man unit

Cadian Shock Troops: Melta Gun, Flamer, Vox

3x Infantry Squads: Plasma Gun, Vox, Mortar Team

Infantry Squad: Melta Gun, Vox, Mortar Team

2x1 Scout Sentinels: Plasma Cannon

2x Leman Russ: 2 with Lascannon, 2 Heavy Bolters, Tracks, Dozer Blade. 1x Demolisher Battle Cannon, 1x Executioner Plamsa Cannon

2x Leman Russ: 1x Lascannon, 2 Heavy Bolters, Tracks, Dozer Blade, Demolisher Battle Cannon. 1x Heavy Bolter, 2 Plasma Cannons, Tracks, Dozer Blade, Executioner Plasma Cannon

1x Leman Russ: Lascannon, 2 Heavy Bolters, Tracks, Dozer Blade, Battle Cannon

Chimera: Multi-laser, Heavy Bolter, Tracks

Round 1:

In the first round of the event I ran into Andrew and his Blood Angels army on Tear Down Their Icons. This was a game I was extremely worried about going into the event, with the 50 jump pack marines including a chunky 10 man Death Company Squad and over 55 inferno pistols! Thankfully I was able to get the first turn jump, which with my sentinel was doing its thing preventing him from pregame moving the death company forwards into a ruin. In this game it was important to take the slim firing angles I could to get the russes working on his 5 man squads whilst holding back as much as possible and ensuring that if he wanted a charge that it would leave the army in the open. My opponent left a nice gap just in the corner of his deployment which allowed my assassin and the scions to come in and plant a bomb and do RBD whilst scoring BEL as he dare not leave units so far away from anywhere useful and then being picked up. A tense game that I managed well to take the win, 89-65

Primary: 40

Primary: 36

Behind Enemy Lines: 13

Relentless Assault: 4

Inflexible Command: 14

Oaths of Moment: 11

Retrieve Battlefield Data: 12

Retrieve Battlefield Data: 4

Round Two

For the second round I was due to play Matt and his Necrons, however after lunch he wasn't feeling well so was going to drop from playing. However Nick who had come down to watch took on the unenviable task of his first ever tournament game being picking up an army he hadn't designed and trying his hand into a tough match-up. With plenty of tomb blades, my screening ability and the relic banner against his double C'Tan on Data Scry Salvage this was a pairing that I felt really confident going into, despite having to be wary with my fragile infantry. In my first turn, after Nick had got a treasures action done and tried to hide as well as he could, I got aggressive with the leman russ that he would struggle to take down outside of the C'Tan and the reserved doom scythe, claiming the top half of the table. From this point it was a gentle push down into his deployment pinning him into the bottom quarter as he ran out of models. A good win, 96-53, but a massive amount of kudos goes to Nick for stepping in and giving me a game!

​Primary: 44

Primary: 19

Assassination: 13

Bring it Down: 4

Inflexible Command: 15

Treasures of Aeons: 8

Retrieve Battlefield Data: 12

Ancient Machineries: 12

Round Three

For the first time I found myself on the top table for the last game of an event, and also with a chance to end the Toys of Mass Destruction's stranglehold on winning our events. I was paired into Liam and his World Eaters on Death and Zeal, which is a game that can really swing hard as to who goes first. Knowing that his pregame move couldn't be blocked by my sentinels, which would give him a great springboard, I had to use most of my infantry to stand on the front of my deployment zone to take the wardogs shooting while the sentinels protected the flanks against the dreadclaw arriving from reserve. Unfortunately for myself Liam won the roll off to see who goes first, which allowed him to claim the table. My screen of guardsmen all died horribly, and he was just able to tag a russ as well, which alongside a ruin pinned me in and kept me from heading out to claim a second objective. My retaliation cleared most of what I could see, however his wardog was unscathed and a single exalted eightbound survived, swinging the primary to a 12 and also then almost single handedly taking out a demolisher russ that would have been an issue for Liam's other wardog and pushing to another objective! After some more unfortunate luck with the russes exploding or rolling low on the vengeful salute stratagem I was still pinned on my home objective while Liam was able to screen out his deployment zone and maintain the pressure. Come the late game I was nearly out of units, and had almost tabled Liam, but the damage had been done earlier in the game with the table control. We had a chat after the game and agreed that if I had gone first and been able to screen him almost off of all the objectives then it would have been a much closer game, arguably then in my favour. But I still had a great time against a high level opponent who used his list well, and deservedly won both this game 91-58, and the overall event!

Primary: 28

Primary: 45

Behind Enemy Lines: 3

Blood God's Due: 6

Inflexible Command: 9

Pile the Skulls: 15

Retrieve Battlefield Data: 8

Blood for The Blood God: 15

Parting Thoughts

After this event I am happy with how I played, keeping mistakes to a minimum which allowed me to ride out a tricky game and keep in the final game for longer than I might have otherwise. It was great to see such a good crowd turn up, with everyone seeming to enjoy the event. My list needs some work, and I am currently painting Leontus and have plans for the other kasrkin unit which would give me a go and kill unit whilst retaining the good damage potential outside of the tanks at home. I also felt that with the 6th russ, painted the day before the event, that I was short of infantry to screen with and do actions, so will experiment with dropping a demolisher russ and see how it plays.

I look forward to seeing you all at future events, feel free to come up and say hi to our team too. Onwards, for the glory of the Emperor!!


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