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The Beginning of the End

The Event

This is it, the new Imperial Guard have gone up for pre-order, so last weekend's Priority Orders Received was the penultimate tournament I will run with the now 5 years old guard codex. And yes, I did order the new army box at the event! This was another well run event by Ben, running to time, had a great atmosphere, and with plenty of space around the tables. Also running with the Twisted Dice team at the event were Sean and Mark, who took Ultramarines and Chaos Knights respectively, using the event as practice for the Twisted GT taking place this weekend. One thing that was new this time was a more GW style of terrain, with 12" wholly line of sight blocking ruins, but with the added bonus of being able to have the low walls not require breaching units to have to walk/drive over. This added a very different dynamic to the event, with the objectives also being very open!

The Armies

My list was very similar to what I had ran at the LGT, with the exception of having finally got round to painting up some plasma guns for the infantry squads. I'd been happy with how the list was performing, so didn't feel like changing it up loads. There was just enough ob sec for most match ups, and the banesword is still fun! Sean's Ultramarines had a core of 3 plasma redemptor dreadnoughts, a pair of the volkite contemptors dreadnoughts with Guilliman to tell them all to just be better. Mark had the no rerolls tyrant, a pair of rampagers and a couple wardogs in a very fun to play list, but would be dependent on match ups with the unfortunate fragility of big knights.

Round One

In round 1 I was paired up against a Necrons list ran by Steve Scott, with the Silent King supported by 5 gauss destructor heavy destroyers, a bunch of skorpekh destroyers and 20 lychguard. Thankfully for myself we had abandoned sanctuaries round 1, which would give me a turn of breathing room to position and threaten the central objectives. This game was one I played well, dropping my opponent's secondaries by using the warglaives, and getting my psychic interrogation off away from the deny of Szarekh. The game ws tight, and a couple of key invulns on the silent king allowed my opponent to just about score the 12 swing at the bottom of round 5, but I had managed to use the banesword to hold the centre of the table, with the game ending 82-78 to the Necrons.

Psychic Interrogation: 12

No Prisoners: 13

RND: 8

Round Two

After pre-ordering the guard box, I turned up for round two against a rag tag of Orks, ran by Chris, but an army still to be respected for the ability to make a mess of my lines. Particularly after I misdeployed and had my armigers sitting at the back of my army on hammer and anvil deployment. In a pillow fisted turn one, his meganobz dying in a combination of overwatch and hitting the banesword tracks and my shooting being underwhelming I was worried. But thankfully I managed to extricate myself from being trapped, and end up almost tabling him after the Goffs never seemed to throw enough damage out, leaving the game 94-66 in my favour.

Inflexible Command: 15

Raise Banners: 11

Assassination: 13

Round Three

In the third round I got unlucky with pairings and hit the Adepta Sororitas with 2 retributor, 3 repentia units and Vahl. But Darren was also running a unit of mortifiers and paragon warsuits which was a pleasant change. Having ran through the defensive stats of my army, alongside standing as far away as I could get whilst still holding the primary I think I scared him from getting into the centre, with a stand off causing him to not score the secondaries or push me off from holding two primary and the priority objective each game. Overall I was happy with how I played this game, but was thankful for my opponent not getting aggressive and forcing the issue, which would have given me so many issues. As it was I was able to get great use out of the move move move order and my passive secondary scoring to swing the game to a 90-84 win for the guard!

Inflexible Command:15

RND: 8

Boots on the Ground:12

Overall Thoughts

In all it ended up being a reasonably successful event for my guardsmen, finishing 8th out of the 30+ players, and within a handful of points of the best 2-1 player, won by Franco with his Daemons. Sean and Mark ended 1-2 and 0-3, with the terrain not suiting either player's army very well, but handing out good practice into other armies and some extra reps ready for the 5 games coming up. This was one of the first times I had tried a GW style terrain layout, and was mostly unimpressed. It gave huge benefits to some armies, and made for some highly uninteractive games, particularly with objectives being so open. This is despite my army benefitting from some lovely firing lines across the event!

Be sure to look out for the round up following the five events next weekend, whilst I rapidly work on getting more guardsmen ready for the tabletop with the new book coming out soon!

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