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Priority Orders Mayday Event Roundup

Event Expectations

This previous weekend I went down to Priority Orders Mayday, and decided to have a play with the Inquisition taskforce that had been on my hobby table for a while. To do this, I have created an amalgamation of an Inquisition, Imperial Guard and Deathwatch detachment, under the purview of an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor. With the Ordo Xenos Taskforce Jasic IX ready to hit the table and cleanse the Jasic system of xenos taint, it was time to embrace the warp and travel to Brighton. My goal for the weekend was to enjoy five games of 40k having travelled down with Stuart, our resident Death Guard expert, and to show off another side of the hobby.

The List

Ordo Xenos Inquisition Vanguard Detachment:

Inquisitor: Warlord, plasma pistol, power sword, Blade of the Ordo, psyker, psychic veil

Acolytes: 3 hot shot lasguns, 1 plasma gun

Acolytes: 2 hot shot lasguns, 3 plasma guns

Jokaero Weaponsmith

Cadian Astra Militarum Battalion Detachment:

Company Commander: bolt pistol, power sword, Laurels of Command

Tank Commander: battle cannon, sponson heavy bolters, heavy bolter

Tank Commander: battle cannon, sponson heavy bolters, lascannon

Infantry Squad: mortar team, grenade launcher, sergeant with las pistol and chainsword

Infantry Squad: mortar team, grenade launcher, sergeant with las pistol and chainsword

Infantry Squad: mortar team, grenade launcher, sergeant with las pistol and chainsword

Infantry Squad: mortar team, grenade launcher, sergeant with las pistol and chainsword

5 Tempestus Scions

5 Tempestus Scions

Platoon Commander: las pistol, chainsword

Tech-Priest Enginseer

Manticore: heavy bolter, Full Payload

Deathwatch Patrol:

Agent of the Imperium

Eversor Assassin

Primaris Librarian: premorphic resonance, fortified with contempt

10 Veterans in a Proteus Kill Team: sergeant with thunder hammer and bolter, 3x veterans with bolter and storm shield, 2x veterans with bolter and lightning claw, 1x veteran with boltgun and chainsword, 1x veteran with boltgun and thunder hammer, 1x vanguard veteran with jump pack and 2x lightning claws, 1x veteran biker with chainsword

4 Eradicators: 3x heavy melta rifle, 1x multi-melta

The Event

In the first game of the tournament I had a face off against another autonomous Imperial agency – the Adeptus Custodes ran by Oliver, playing the Abandoned Sanctuaries mission. This was always going to be a tough game, hinging on if I could neuter some of anti-tank capability of the Shadowkeepers before my damage dealing sections of the army were annihilated. This could very easily have happened, where one of the grav tanks was left on a single wound in the first turn, with some damage to the bikes. After some lucky saves, my eradicators arrived from reserves to deal with the other grav tank, where they went and failed to do a single wound! This along with a very low damage output from the Deathwatch kill team charging into the bikes left Oliver mopping up for a 100-47 point win for the Custodes.

Round two was a rematch from the Bristol GT, where I would be fighting against Jack’s stunning World Eaters army. With a pair of players running thematic armies with a different ethos, the game was a classic case of how long I could hold the berserker horde off before my lines were disintegrated by their not insignificant melee potential! Having gone first I was able to screen his army with a deep striking scions squad in the centre of the table. Accompanied by Jack’s termite drill and terminators both failing a nine inch charge, and the scion sergeant passing his morale test to zone the centre of the table out again, I was able to just about keep the primary score close. Needing to reduce my ability to keep interrogating his characters, and to score assassinate, Jack’s greater possessed charged into my librarian, only to somehow bounce, and was slain in return! With this, the tight game unwound into a closely fought 78-71 win for the Inquisition, clinging on in the end as a multitude of Red Butchers were about to smash through the Imperial cordon.

Ordo Xenos Taskforce Jasic IX had so far not met any xenos, and this was to continue with the third round game being against another Inquisition aligned faction in the Grey Knights ran by Richard. I felt that this would be a tough game, with very little in my list able to damage the grey knights with the tide of shadows and armour of contempt rules. However, it would appear the Richard was unable to make 2+ saves, alongside a number of perils on psychic tests, making the heavy bolters on the tank commanders utterly lethal! The game fell into the pattern of me allowing his 10 paladins to hold the central objective, poking my units out to score engage and retrieve Nachmund data whilst just about keeping his forces at arm’s reach. Perhaps the ultimate insult for the game was my jokaero weaponsmith bringing down his grandmaster dreadknight in the last turn to give a 12 point swing on the primary! In the end this wasn’t quite enough to take the game, with a final score of 85-81 showing the valiant effort of my Inquisition in another close game.

After a good night’s sleep, we returned for the second day, where I would be facing a good mix of Space Wolves led by Bjorn, and piloted by Matt. This game followed a similar pattern to my previous one, however my Deathwatch were one of a number of star performers, twice taking the central objective with a charge into the drop pod. The manticore proved its worth by allowing me not to let the wulfen smash through my lines, however when his eradicators needed the entirety of my army to shoot down in my turn 4 his incursors were able to take one of my wide objectives and swing the game into his favour. Another very good game, with either player able to take it, ended up with an 82-78 win for the Space Wolves.

Round 5 was the game were I finally got to face a xenos faction, but it was definitely more than my inquisitor had bargained for! Aidan turned up with a very aggressive destroyer and wraith heavy Necron list that had more than enough speed and damage with the pregame move to decimate my army within a couple of turns! Thankfully I managed to go first, and ordered a squad of guardsmen and acolytes to their deaths to screen the first rush. This became even more effective when his overlord on command barge shot them all down – with more models killed than shots he had – preventing a charge onto the centre objective. Up next, another guardsmen squad clogged up my left flank, the deathwatch charged a wraiths squad in the centre, and my inquisitor set up a veil to prevent her and her retinue being shot and charged on the right flank.

Very quickly though I was pressed right into my deployment zone, but not before a final guardsman squad charged and took the last wound off the skorpekh destroyer squad, setting up a final screen! What followed this was the heroic last stand of my psykers, no doubt awaiting some horrific experimenting after the battle was over. My librarian managed to twice survive the command barge in melee, reading his mind at the same time! But the inquisitor let out her wrath by slaying almost the full squad of lychguard by herself, with only some reanimations across phases keeping them around to lay her low. The final score was a credible 96-68 Necron win, and a fantastically entertaining final game.

Parting Thoughts

Priority Orders is always a very good event, and Ben runs them very well, so it was an absolute pleasure to return and I would recommend a visit if you can get down. I had a blast running what was not a powerful list but had a strong narrative theme, and many of the other players were also fascinated by it. Throughout the event there was plenty of people coming over to discuss and sometimes discover a faction some had never even heard of! My opponents must have enjoyed it too, because I left the event with the “Best Opponent” award and plenty of great memories. The Twisted Dice team also took away the best painted award with Stuart’s beautifully disgusting Death Guard army!

We would love to see you at one of our events, and tickets for our next one day series, and Twisted Warp in January are now up for sale.


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