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New Season, all new 40k!

Christmas is behind us the new year is just around the corner. For 40k players worldwide, that signals an all-new Grand Tournament Pack.

Since coming out during 9th edition these tournament packs have been, let's call it hit and miss. Some have really shaken up the game... some have well to put it bluntly almost been copy and paste.

BUT... and it is a big BUT the Arks of Omen Grand tournament pack looks to be a pack which is going to change the 40k game for a while to come... (well until 10th edition...).

If you have not seen the original article it was published on the 22nd of December 2022 on the Warhammer Community website. Here is a link to the Original sight:

  1. New detachment.

This is the new Arks of Omen Detachment... this is Brilliant!

Firstly, let me just point out the 0... yes 0 CP... FINALLY, there is no cost to bringing your detachments... and it is a big detachment if you are playing single faction (which you might not be, I will explain later) then there will be no need to spend CP on additional detachments meaning you will suddenly start on 6cp again gaining 1 each player turn, those more costly strats are looking suddenly much more appealing.

Secondly, just look at the flexibility and variety in that detachment.... want to take an all-fast-moving army out of Fast attack options you can and without being penalised... now we do not know if they will take out the Max 3 of any unit but if they do wow this will change things. I really don't think they will, and even if they don't remove the Max 3 the single-faction army you can now take just looks brilliant. 12 Troop choices, 12! and up to 4 HQ... I honestly am really excited about writing new lists with this detachment, if you had not guessed I love the Flexibility.

Thirdly, Character Units in the Elites slot are now separate, in lots of codex's that are out at the moment there are at least a few Characters in the elite slot and if you are a death guard player then you have like 6! This causes major issues when building lists because of the restrictions, you have to choose whether to take those hard-hitting Elite Units or Buffing Characters I was often finding myself compromising somewhere between the two, either you take the Characters and they buffed no one or the hard-hitting units which were not buffed. That is a thing of the past though... you now have the freedom to have up to 6 hard-hitting elite units and up to 3 elite Characters... aaahhhh the Freedom!

But the new detachment is not the only thing that is changing...

2. Strategic Reserves.

This is again great for the game, those 6CP are now going further and further... suddenly an number of your units (up to Half I assume) can now be in reserve for Free... this presents untold possibilities... and potentially amazing new strategies... slower armies suddenly have ways of getting around the board without taking away all your CP... I can already think of Units and armies which will be able to make use of this... it also gives you real opportunities to out-think and outplay your opponent, static armies really are a thing of the past.

3. Battle Brothers

Ladies and Gentlemen boys and girls I present Allies! Oh yes! So excited. Free detachments bringing in allies with no cost.... oh yes... now we don't yet know what allies you can take with whom but the idea is brilliant... remember the 6th edition Alliance chart?? Yes, it got silly BUT the idea if controlled is great. Not only will it allow a whole new 40k game and I really mean a whole new game, but also there will be the possibility of such variety in the armies now...

My hope is that it does not go the other way and make single faction obsolete and unviable which is where it went in 6th and 7th editions but from what we can see from that limited section I don't think it will... at the Moment... will it get silly in 10th? well we will have to wait and see, (it might not be a very long wait!).

What do you think about the New Tournament pack? let us know in the comments below.

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