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LGT 2022 Round Up

The Event

The London GT is the largest Warhammer 40k tournament in the UK, with over 700 players turning up this year for the flagship ITC event of the year. Twisted Dice had a good number of players attending, all looking for that winning record or better. I had decided to take my Imperial Guard army, as seen in my preview blog last week, which has been my project over the last month or two to ready it up for the new book. My goal was just to try snag a win on each day, as I was aware of my book not being in the best place in the current meta.

The Imperial Guard Army

My army had a strong infantry core to allow me to do actions and hold objectives, with most of the damage and staying power coming through the vehicle support in the list. One thing I was reminded of on Friday night, well after list submission and planning, was that I can't actually give tank orders out to titanic units, which was one of the major reasons I had put Pask in the list. This meant that throughout the event, I was balancing what I was trying to remove from the table for the bonus point from the inflexible command secondary.

The Event

Round 1

In the round that everybody is the most prepared for, I had been drawn sisters of battle on the abandoned sanctuaries mission. For those of you less in tune with the competitive scene, this army has some incredibly powerful secondary objectives, whilst being able to efficiently trade and line up threats to play the primary mission well too. This meant that Pau, from the Feel no Pain 7+ team, was able to hold me back from the middle objectives and play his game, including taking out all three of my armigers in a single round, leaving me with only one play left: ONWARDS FOR THE EMPEROR! This went as you might expect, with the banesword charging into his retributors and neatly holding the right hand objective for a turn before it got dogpiled by the rest of the angry sisters. But the big tank wasn't done yet, exploding and taking a large number of sisters with it! Unfortunately it was all a little too late, as I ended that game with just the regimental standard alive, losing 54:95.

Round 2

After taking a bettering, I ended up facing Freddie and his Space Wolves successor chapter on data-scry salvage. This mission is one that I feel I have a real problem with, as it forces my army to do what I really don't want it to. and come out to engage the enemy. Particularly when my opponent goes first and can lie in wait ready to pounce on any objective I decide to make a play for. This leads me to really hold back, giving my opponent the 12 points on primary to my 0 so that I am able to get an extra round of shooting in before pushing out. This proves decisive, as I got to experience for the first time just how devastating my army can be given the chance, and by turn 3 all Freddie has left is a cyberwolf on his home objective dodging mortar fire, and the game ends 91-50 in favour to myself. However, big shout out to Freddie for coming to the shark tank that is the LGT for his first ever tournament!

Round 3

For the last game on the first day I draw a channel favourite, in infantry heavy Goff orks, with Ghazkhull Thraka at their head, piloted by Harry from the Imperial Bunker team. With death and zeal the mission, I knew that I would have a hard time of things if he could get his infantry and Ghaz to the centre of the board. This was why I was confused when he left Ghaz and the meganobz hiding at home for 2 turns, allowing me to really punish the rest of his army after he went first and had to keep away. However it could have been very different if Harry could make some crucial charge rolls, the most important being the ramming speed charge of 5 kans into the middle of my armigers, allowing me to blow them away and keeping the orks at arms length. After even more failed charges, we called the game when he had a couple units of grots on his home objective left, leaving me to end the day with a 94:49 victory.

Round 4

Overnight I had been paired into Jack Beaman of The Red Path and his World Eaters, who I seem to be paired into at most events we attend! This was another tricky mission in data scry salvage, where I am unlikely to get the second part of the primary mission at all, and holding the objectives closer to my opponent is a risky proposition. What transpired is a lesson in sticking to an original plan, and having a contingency for when something won't happen regardless of dice. After two rounds of shooting all 12 of my armigers melta spear shots into a vindicator and doing zero damage, I had been pinned right back, unable to score primary and having both banners on the forward objectives removed. I then had a play that would have allowed me to do some mortals to Abaddon and to kill the daemon prince threatening my right flank objective. But, lesson time, don't go for a reroll when you are saving the cp for someting else! This play is what I feel really cost me the game, as I neither killed the possessed that went and held his home objective for the next 2 turns, nor took out the daemon prince and start to work on Abaddon. He then promptly rolled through my right flank, taking out Pask and the banesword, who thankfully exploded again. Another game where my opponent was almost tabled, but one that I lost the primary game to lose 59:68 and feeling annoyed at myself for some misplays. Though it was still a very fun game, tight all the way through against a great opponent.

Round 5

In my final game of the LGT, I faced another Goff orks list, but this time set up very differently. Joshua had taken a much more vehicle heavy list, with 3 squighog units and two wazbom planes allowing him to be extremely aggressive, and leaving me very worried. Unfortunately this causes a problem when you don't go first, and my army really likes taking out larger targets that struggle to hide. After removing around 1300 points of orks in my first two shooting phases the game was pretty much done. Although Josh battled on scoring where he could to leave the game at a 90:62 win for myself, he just didn't have the units that could deal with my armour.

Overall Thoughts

In the end I have come away with a 3-2 record with an army that I thought could really struggle at an event like this, but an appreciation of just how much damage the guard codex has when your opponent can't tie you up or sit in cover with armour of contempt. I really liked what the armiger warglaives did for my list, giving me that extra bit of long range melta, a combat threat and ability to walk out to an objective and not be removed out of hand. The baneblade chassis is incredibly hard to shift without really focussing it down with some of the most damaging units in the game.

I am not sure where I would take this list, as I am running out of slots for units. A second officer would have a place, as would a second astropath, but overall I am very happy with the list and will be looking only to make small tweaks for the Twisted Dice tournament in November as my next event. Until then, you can use our affiliated link with the channel sponsor, Hobby Workshop, to get money off your wargaming needs, and we look forward to seeing you all at events.


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