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How to win a Tournament?

When it comes to tournaments winning is a big business, below you can see the 2019 ITC winner, Richard Seigler. If you are like me you look at his prize of $4000 and think.... hmmmm how can I do that?

Well today I want to write a little bit about how you go about starting to win tournaments of 40k, but this article does not just apply to tournaments it apply's to all competitive area of the hobby, whether thats painting or playing or any other. So whether you are aiming to win your local RTT, win the LVO or become a better painter, hopefully this will be helpful for you

If you ask your local gamer why does someone win a tournament, most people will say 1 of two things: either their list is amazing or they are a really good player.

Now both of these do play a part If you don't know the rules of the game you are not going to get very far, if you have a rubbish list well you are going to lose every game... but the question is what is behind those two characteristics, how do you get to have an amazing list or be an amazing player?

The answer is not take a list off the internet... the answer is attitude! What enables people to win is the attitude with which they have gone into that tournament with. Let me explain:

Generally speaking people have 1 of 2 attitudes, either, I can't or I can. The most important part of winning is having a "whatever it takes attitude". When a problem comes along people with this kind of attitude have the desire to solve it in any way possible. People who have a "whatever it takes attitude" are never satisfied with the achievements of the past, they are always striving to improve, striving to be better at the game.

The real question here though is this, how do you put a whatever it takes attitude into practice, well I have 4 suggestions to enable you to put the right attitude into place.

1) Test, Test, Test...

I cannot say this enough you dont have to have the best list, you have to be the best at playing your list, why worry about whether a unit will work or not, instead of worrying about it, test it out, put it in a list see how those units perform together. Then test again!

2) Failure is an option

if you look around at the most successful people around the world in any field you will see something which is common amongst them... they all mess it up, they all made mistakes, they all had products or ideas that did not work, that were just rubbish. Being a winner is not about not failing it is about your attitude to failing that matters.

To be successful you need to be willing to fail, rockets blowing up on the launchpad in America is why we have walked on the moon, if you want to win, embrace losing.

3) Learn

Failure will happen, and if you want to win you need to embrace that, but also learn from it, why did that list not work, why did that tactic not work, was it just down too luck or did I make a mistake? is the unit or unit's not efficient enough? How can my list be better?

As you are learning and reviewing, make sure you spend time looking for solutions, or ways around the issue. So you are weak verse Indirect fire, ok so maybe you need to look into faster units!, your edge highlighting is wonky maybe you need to practice your brush control!

4) Don't repeat, create

Finally it is so tempting to repeat what everyone else is doing, taking the latest codex, the latest list from the internet and running that at a tournament, now that might work in the short term but in the long term you will be forever chasing, forever repeating what other people do.

One of the most important things to think about if you are going to win is not to be afraid to push the boat out, don't be afraid to try out units or lists, they might not work but as we have already said thats ok. The top players or painter in 40k are not repeaters but creators, they do the thinking, the analysis and the hard work to get a list which works and which people don't always expect.

The top 40k players are people who have a can do attitude, who concentrate not on showing how good they are but focusing of getting better as a player, if anyone wants to join those elite players you attitude is the first thing to work on.

Hopefully thats a helpful little article, stay tuned for more content from twisted dice, and join in the discussion in the comments below.

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