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Astra Militarum Vs CSM: Livestream Preview.

Date: Thursday 5th January 2023

Time: 7pm

Location: Twisted Dice Youtube Channel.


Hello, I'm The Preacher, and I'm hosting today's overview of the upcoming Livestream.

With 2022 behind us and 2023 in front, our attention turns from the festive period with all the fun and family back to the normal grind of life... But it's ok, don't worry, stop panicking my dear readers, we have you covered because with the new year we at Twisted Dice bring back our Thursday Livestreams.

Our first one of the year is a real cracker with two heavyweights of the 40k world going head-to-head (they are actually both annoyingly thin). In the red corner playing the Astra Militarum and weighing in at 2000pts on the nose Alex "The Brain" Chancellor. And in the green corner, playing the Word Bearers and weighing in at a mere 1999pts, a man some people call Rakey, others call him Jonny Boy, we know him as Jon "The Phenomenon" Drakeley, (AKA: JD)

Let's meet the Players.


Alex: "Hi, I'm Alex, I have been playing 40k for years now, and I love all aspects of it. I really enjoy playing competitively and am a regular tournament-goer. I have been playing my guard now for a long time and now that the new codex has come out I am so excited... it is really really good, and whilst it is I am going to make the most of it... Good luck JD is all I can say!"

Jon: "Hi, I'm Jon but most people call me JD. I may have only been playing 40k for 18 months but have been on a steep learning curve. I am laid back and chilled most of the time, I am easy to get on with but get on my "other side" and you will know about it... Mwahaha... I love playing my Chaos and have fallen in love with the word bearers, they have so much potential in a competitive environment and if you are not ready for them they will catch you off guard."

Commentating this week, we have spared no expense (literally because we are not paying them) we have the A-team... the legends are in the house can I hear a Whoop Whoop for Darren "Big D" Allen and Michael "Hot Muffin" Thomas!


Mike: "Hi everyone, Thursday's Mission is Number 31 from the Nachmund Tournament Pack, Tide of Conviction"

Darren: "That is a really interesting mission JD wants to be in the middle of the board for 2 of his secondary's so having objectives very close to the centre will really help him."

Mike: "Yes and the fact he wants to be in combat."

Darren: "A-lot will come down to the terrain on the night, If JD can find places to stage attacks into Alex's lines then he has a real chance."

Mike: "But Alex's List has so much firepower if JD makes any positional mistakes Alex will just blow him off the board oh and then there is the Elephant in the room ie the banesword!"

Darren: "Don't forget Abandon"

Darren: "Let's have a look at the Primary and Tertiary..."

Mike: "The Primary is a hold 2 objectives for 4 pts or hold 3 objectives for 8pts, which means this could easily be a low scoring game and it could be very swingy.

Darren: "The tertiary really rewards you for being aggressive... but and it is a bit but, Alex might not be very aggressive with the majority of his army but the tertiary also rewards you for end game scoring, and with guard new on the Block we know that Alex has the skill and now the Codex behind him to stick around for until the end."

Mike: "To be fair so does JD let's not rule him out."

Darren: "Completely agree... what a game we have to look forward to."

Well, we have met the players, and we have seen the mission... let's see the lists.


Alex: Astra Militarum.

Regimental Doctrine: Born Soldiers

Starts on 1CP



Castellan: Bolt pistol, power fist

Warlord Trait: Grand Strategist

Tank Commander: armoured tracks, battle cannon, 2x bolters, lascannon

Relic: Gatekeeper.

Ace: Meticulous Calibrator

Cadian Command Squad: plasma, banner, medic, vox, commander, bolt pistol + power sword, Warlord

Relic: Finial Banner

Warlord Trait: Master Tactician


1x Kasrkin: 2 plasma, 2 volley, vox


4x Infantry Squads: 1 melta, 3 plasma, 4 mortars

2x Cadian Infantry Squad - 2x melta, 2x grenade


1 Scout Sentinals: plasma cannons

1 Scout Sentinals: plasma cannons


Leman Russ Squadron

Leman Russ:, tracks, plasma, 2x bolter, lascannon

Ace: Veteran Commandeer: Trophy Hunters

Leman Russ: tracks, battle cannon, 2x bolter, lascannon

Ace: Mechanical Pack Rat

Manticore: tracks

1 x Lascannon weapons team


Chimera: multi laser, bolter, tracks

Auxiliary super heavy detachment:


Banesword: 2x bolter sponsons


JD: Word Bearers

Starts on 0cp.



Daemon Prince with Wings:

Psychic Powers: Death Hex,

Relic: G'holl'ax, the Decayed

Wargear: Hellforged sword, Wings

Mark: Mark of Nurgle.

Dark Apostle:

Mark: Chaos Undivided,

Prayer: Illusory Supplication

. 2x Dark Disciple: 2x Close combat weapon


Cultists Mob

9x Chaos Cultist w/ autopistol and brutal assault weapon.

Cultist Champion: Autopistol and brutal assault weapon

Cultists Mob

9x Chaos Cultist w/ autopistol and brutal assault weapon.

Cultist Champion: Autopistol and brutal assault weapon


Mark: Chaos Undivided

Aspiring Champion: Astartes chainsword, Bolt pistol

4x Marine w/ astartes chainsword


Chaos Terminator Squad

Mark: Mark of Nurgle

Chaos Terminator: Combi-melta, Power fist

Chaos Terminator: Accursed weapon, Combi-bolter

Chaos Terminator: Accursed weapon, Combi-bolter

Chaos Terminator: Accursed weapon, Combi-bolter

Terminator Champion: Chainfist, Combi-melta

Master of Executions

Warlord Trait: Gaze of the Gods,

Mark: Chaos Undivided,

Relic: Ul'o'cca, the Black

5x Possessed: Chaos Icon,

5x Possessed: Chaos Icon,

5x Possessed

Vanguard Detachment - (Chaos - Daemons)



Psychic Powers: Bolt of Change, Infernal Flames,

Wargear: Ritual dagger


5 x Flamers

5 x Flamers

5 x Flamers

Supreme Command Detachment

Legion: Black Legion

Abaddon the Despoiler, warlord.


Preacher: "Those are two very spicy lists the new guard are just so strong as we have seen before on the channel but so are CSM and let's face it those flamers in their current form will BBQ those guardsmen."

Mike: "Yes but those flamers will also be a right pain for Alex to deal with, though... it's not like guard love combat."

Darren: "Let's not forget that Daemon Prince, I have to say it is one of my favourite units in the game right now. every hit is Auto-wounding and he hits on a 2+ with Flat 3 Damage Ouch!"

Preacher: "Mike why don't you take us through JD's list?"

Mike: "Obviously the Nurgle DP is an absolute beast in combat and he can be resurrected if and when he dies which is really strong... then you have the Nurgle, 5 man terminators who are an absolute pain to get rid of with the whole Nurgle thing going and the priest will make them trans hit and then for 1 cp if needed JD can also make them transhuman. The master of executions is a complete powerhouse capable of taking a Russ out on his own if allowed to get close and then you have the flamers who as we have said are just amazing."

Darren: I agree JD has done a great job on his list and plays it really well...but let's turn to Alex's list because if you think the CSM are spicy you just wait... Guard are just so strong in this new codex and Alex is nicknamed "The Brain" for a reason, he just outthinks his opponents. Great Player with his hands on a strong codex I know I would not want to be on the other side of the table.

Alex is using Born soldiers as his regiment, they Auto wound on 6+ to hit... doesn't sound great but take it from me it has been shown time and time again to be really really strong. Alex also has a lot of Objective secured units with the troops and the ability to order units to have the rule as well.

Preacher: "That really means Alex could dominate the Primary on this mission."

Darren: "Yes but we need to remember Combat is not exactly where he excels, so that could be an advantage for JD."

Darren: "Anyway Kasrkin's, let's talk about them with strats Auto wounding on 5+ and mortals on a 6 to wound - Up to 6 per unit... from a 100pt unit that's just strong... on top of that Alex has access to Transhuman, his sentinels can move shoot move. I said earlier not to forget about Abaddon... now the problem with that statement is the Finial banner... this allows core units to ignore hit and wound modifiers and also wound caps... can I just point to the Kasrkin's above... you can almost forget about Abaddon...!"

Mike: "ok slightly good... haha... well we shall see when the player's role dice on Thursday evening. In the end, we all know lists don't win games on their own but it comes down to points."


What a game we are install for... I am excited to see if the CSM has what it takes to stand up to the might of the new kids on the block.

Don't miss this epic clash live exclusively on the Twisted Dice Youtube channel, Thursday Evening 7pm.

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